Ever felt frustrated that your message isn't understood? Ever felt nervous about speaking up?

Thinking Critically (Video 16)



What are the best ways to encourage international students to think critically? Let’s hear what these staff have to say.

Senior Lecturer (School of Public Health, QUT):

Being a critical thinker is very important when you’re going to become a practitioner. Learning how to become a critical thinker is something that we instil in students from Year One of their undergraduate or postgraduate program. Encouraging that means reflecting on their practice, and on the material that they are engaging with, and asking questions all the time of both the university staff but also their supervisors on placement.

Language and Learning Skills Advisor (International Student Services, QUT):

In many education systems, rote learning, memorisation and agreeing with your lecturer from the textbook is how you pass. So the shock can be, my lecturer doesn’t want me to agree they want me to challenge, they want me to critically think, and what does this mean? So in terms of learning styles, there is going to be a progression and at the beginning it can be very confusing and it takes practise.