Ever felt frustrated that your message isn't understood? Ever felt nervous about speaking up?

Thinking Aloud

‘Thinking Aloud’ is a strategy that can be used purposefully to promote critical thinking and clinical reasoning, to assess student learning and/or provide modelling of expert decision making. It can also be used by students as a useful strategy to promote peer learning, which is a form of collaborative learning in which students share their knowledge and experience in order to learn with and from each other. Here are some questions that can be used when ‘thinking aloud’:

  • ‘What I am taking into consideration here is ...’
  • ‘The main reasons I am doing it this way are ...’
  • ‘I am weighing up the options of X versus Y ...’
  • ‘I am surprised at finding X because ...’
  • ‘What I am finding difficult here is ... so ...’
  • ‘I have modified my original plan because ... and ...’