Ever felt frustrated that your message isn’t understood? Ever felt nervous about speaking up?

Who Can Help? (Video 12)


who can help you when you are on Prac? These students can tell you who to ask first, if there is an issue.

Nursing Student (India):
First of all I ask my clinical facilitator, she is my first helpline to all things and after that I normally talk with my hospital staff.

Nursing Student (China):
On my first clinical Prac, I am very nervous. Although I’ve been a registered nurse in China for four years, but the nursing system here are totally different from my country. So on my first day, in my clinical Prac I’m a bit nervous but it’s very exciting. I can share the joy with students we can discuss with each other, I can make a lot of friends with them.

Nursing Student (Philippines):
It is important to ask for help to minimize some mistakes, because we are dealing with sick patients therefore it is important to give them the best care that we give.

Nursing Student (Japan):
When I was in Japan, I have some nursing experience for eight years. I have the confidence with my nursing skill, but I have to do my English.

Nursing Student (China):
Don’t be nervous and open your mind. Just communicate with each other if you are uncertain with something just ask, ask for help. You know the staff here and the students here they are very friendly so don’t be nervous, just be energetic.

Nursing Student (Japan):
I have the knowledge, I have the knowledge but I cannot take my nursing skill to the patient. I was so struggling, in our first week of Prac because I could not apply my nursing skill to the patient, I was crying. But one of the mentors came to me and said, don’t worry about that, you know it’s only the first week gone. So next week you can do it.