Ever felt frustrated that your message isn't understood? Ever felt nervous about speaking up?

Finding Things Out (Video 3)


How do you find things out? There is no such thing as a silly question. These students can tell you how important it is to ask questions.

Nursing Student (India):
Don’t be nervous, don’t be stressed. Always ask for help, whenever you feel like you don’t know, and are not sure… always ask for help.

Nursing Student (Nigeria):
If they are not clear about things they should ask. Because in some cultures they don’t talk, they don’t talk, they don’t ask, they just ask the way things are. Some people find it difficult to actually ask questions. They find it difficult to talk. Some get intimidated, like “Oh, if I say this how would they respond” you know. So there is always that bit of unwillingness to express yourself.

Nursing Student (China):
You know when I made some problems on my clinical Prac, maybe at first I phone my classmates in my Uni. Yeah, I discuss it first. If I couldn’t figure it out I would have to email our Uni for help.

Nursing Student (Nigeria):
The nurse in your hospital will work with you on your shift, the one who will teach you what to do. To them we ask question it helps them to understand that you don’t know and you know you don’t know so to them that proves your safeness and you won’t assume to do stuff that you don’t know. So it’s very important to ask questions. It the number one thing to do, ask, ask, ask.

Nursing Student (Japan):
I think I have to be positive because even though I’m a student nurse I’m still responsible for the patient. I can’t do any wrong things, because it might be life threatening. I shouldn’t be vague; I should be accurate all the time.

Public Health Student (Singapore):
I’m a shy person, so I find it a little bit hard to ask questions. But I think just being bold enough to you know, step out and talk really.

Nursing Student (Nigeria)
I was supposed to ask a question about an abbreviation but I didn’t ask. So she thought I knew it, and then she failed me because she realised I did not know it and did not ask the question. So after that event I decided to ask a lot of questions, every little thing I did not know, I just asked, because I knew from experience that that’s the only way to pass.